Over-the-Air Radio Advertising!

Radio remains the most cost-effective way to reach a mass market, and offers advertisers a number of unique benefits.

  • Reach the Largest Audience
  • More Affordable than Print or Television
  • Target Ads Locally or Nationally
  • Host's Audience Loyalty Works for You

Most advertisers see an average return of $15 for every dollar spent on radio advertising, with higher returns being possible when the advertised product relates to the content of the show.

Let us put the power of radio to work for you!

"93% of U.S. adults 18 and older listen to the radio every week - more than those watching television or using a smartphone, tv connected device, tablet or pc." ~ Neilson
Ringside Boxing Action
Inside Poker Weekly

Niche Market Programming!

Point Spread Radio produces a new standard of sports radio programming that directly engages a sports betting audience. Our programming educates and informs bettors with the latest results and odds, while also creating an overall program that maintains strong entertainment value for the non-betting listening audience.

We broadcast from our flagship facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, and distribute this programming to other radio stations across the country. Our radio network airs programming in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York City

Uniquely Targeted Shows 

We are currently accepting advertising orders for Ringside Boxing Action and Inside Poker Weekly. These niche markets allow advertisers to more accurately target specific interest groups within the betting community. Providing advertisers the ability to target both location and interest group allows Point Spread Radio to generate higher than average returns for our advertising partners.







Target your exposure to the specific cities of your choice and save. We are broadcasting in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York City.
Point Spread Radio maintains a technical services agreement with Great American Broadcasting and the Westwood One XDS satellite distribution platform, allowing us to rapidly expand distribution of our programming. Check back often for an updated list of locations.
Sports Betting Radio Markets

No Commercial? No Problem!

We encourage you to provide your own radio commercial, or we can create one for as little as $125. Better yet, why not order a talking billboard and have Al Bernstein do a live read of your commercial message?

Title Sponsor Opportunity

Point Spread Radio is currently accepting applications for the title sponsorship of Ringside Boxing Action. This premium sponsorship opportunity includes a number of unique benefits, such as:

  • Brand mention in show title, such as "Company's Ringside Boxing Action", or "Ringside Boxing Action, presented by Company"
  • Live read of your talking billboard by Al Bernstein
  • 30-second commercial included in every break
  • Special mention in closing credits
  • Routine on-air appearances to promote your brand

Contact Us for additional information on this sponsorship opportunity.

Segment Sponsors Available

We have the ability to create customized segment sponsorships within our shows that will be tailored to help you meet your specific campaign goals.

An example of a segment sponsor would be the official "Odds and Results" sponsor, which would include commercial advertising, weekly on-air appearances to discuss the odds and betting action surrounding current fight cards, and credit given any time odds or results are given in the show, regardless of which segment that endorsement appears in.

Reach out to us for more information on how a comprehensive radio sponsorship can drive customers to your business.
We believe in complete transparency, which is why all of our pricing is listed up front. You'll notice many of our competitors do not do this. We deliver on what we promise. Let us show you what radio can do for you!
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