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Choose between advertising on our internet radio stream, or go over-the-air and advertise on traditional radio airwaves.
Internet Radio Advertising

In addition to producing niche programming for over-the-air radio markets, Point Spread Radio also operates a 24/7 sports betting radio network online.

  • 90.18% of listeners from United States
  • More than 50 countries tuning in
  • 49 minutes average listening time
  • 500,000 minutes streamed

Using the broadcast power of the internet makes radio advertising affordable for anyone. Our internet radio advertising opportunity is an ideal stepping stone for those who are new to radio advertising.

Advertise on Point Spread Radio and reach a targeted audience!

Sports Radio Advertising

Radio remains the most cost-effective way to reach a mass market, and offers advertisers a number of unique benefits.

  • Reach the Largest Audience
  • More Affordable than Print or Television
  • Target Ads Locally or Nationally
  • Host's Audience Loyalty Works for You

Most advertisers see an average return of $15 for every dollar spent on radio advertising, with higher returns being possible when the advertised product relates to the content of the show.

Let us put the power of radio to work for you!

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