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Embed Point Spread Radio On Your Website

Published September 07, 2019

Point Spread Radio is interested in partnering with webmasters who operate websites related to sports, betting or broadcasting. Our radio network is all about sports betting, making it a good match for a large number of websites, and we're interested in exploring opportunities to work with each of them.

Free to Use Content

In response to numerous requests, Point Spread Radio is making their sports betting radio station available for webmasters to use as free content on their website. There are three options available to use Point Spread Radio as content on your website: simple play button, play button with mute or detailed media player.

The embeded players created by Point Spread Radio are are based on a customised version of jPlayer that uses HTML5 Audio on browsers that support it (e.g. Webkit-based browsers like Chrome & Safari) and falls back to a Flash-based player on browsers that don't (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer). Added benefit: since most modern mobile web browsers are based on Webkit, this player will work fine on most modern smartphones. The player will detect a loss of connection and attempt reconnection to the stream.

Check out the examples below and click to get instructions for using the code on your website.

Simple Play Button
Just a Play button

Play Button with Mute
Play Button and Mute/Unmute Control

Detailed Media Player
Display Show/Track Name and Cover Art. Hover Over Mute Button for Volume Control.

Wordpress Users

If your website is powered by Wordpress, simply download the RadioJar plugin for your website. Tune the player to our RadioJar ID: uygkdcakp8quv

Direct Streaming Links


We Give Back

At Point Spread Radio, we believe in supporting those who support us. If you have used one of these embed methods to add Point Spread Radio as content on your website, contact us to let us know and we will be more than happy to throw a little exposure your way as well.

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  • Advertising Opportunities are now available on Point Spread Radio

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