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Betting that California is moving toward legalizing sports wagers, American Indian tribes are looking to dominate the action.

The road to legal sports betting in our nation's capitol has been littered with delays and controversies. Despite it all, we stand on the brink of seeing legal sports betting take place in Washington, DC. The Office of Lottery and Gaming will begin taking applications for sports betting licenses on Tuesday, December 3, followed by an application review period expected to last 30-45 days.

The NCAA is supporting a legislative proposal that would provide a framework for federal sports betting legislation, but what are the motives behind it?

As legal sports betting is rolled out in Indiana, residents of the Hoosier State have questions about when and where they can bet, and what they are allowed to bet on. Point Spread Radio clears the confusion and addresses the who, what, when and where of betting on sports in Indiana.

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