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Point Spread Radio has been rapidly expanding it's broadcast distribution channels in order to gain a larger audience footprint. What started as a simple internet stream is quickly branching out into over-the-air radio broadcasting, roku and radio-by-television opportunities. In their latest broadcast agreement, the company bumped Alex Jones' InfoWars Radio off the air in Las Vegas and replaced his television broadcast with Point Spread Radio.

The NWHL's three-season deal with live streaming partner, Twitch, brings new revenue to the league and players. NWHL Commissioner Dani Rylan sees the Twitch deal as a wealth of fan engagement opportunities that will make hockey more fun for the casual viewer.

Point Spread Media expands it's broadcast operations by introducing “Bet Masters” as a Las Vegas radio show. The show will air two hours each night on local Las Vegas radio KSHP, with plans in the works to syndicate the show to other major radio markets.

FanDuel, a sports betting operation located in the United States, has formed a strategic partnership with Switzerland's Sportradar AG. The deal allows FanDuel to stream live sports games within the company's betting app, providing fans with an opportunity to bet on sporting events while they watch.


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