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Advertising Opportunities Available

Advertising Opportunities are now available on Point Spread Radio

Point Spread Radio is an IP radio network dedicated entirely to the subject of sports betting in America. Our programming is distributed over the internet and syndicated on a variety of content platforms. Our near-term goal is to begin distributing select programming on over-the-air radio networks in targeted markets, as well as to begin distributing our network across satellite radio platforms.

Advertising is priced according to the number of times you 30-second (00:30) is played during the month. We currently have three advertising packages to choose from.

Radio advertising packages include internet advertising on the Point Spread Radio website during your sponsored month. This additional advertising is provided at no additional cost. You will be provided with a current list of ad sizes and submission details after purchasing an advertising package.

* Prices stated are for a month-to-month advertising agreement. A 20% discount will be applied to all contracts of six months or more.


  • Advertising Opportunities are now available on Point Spread Radio

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