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Point Spread Radio is a full spectrum broadcast enterprise focused exclusively on the legal sports betting industry in America. Our broadcast is streamed online 24/7 via our website and mobile app, with select programming being distributed over the air on leading radio markets. We are in the early stages of working towards a goal of having our broadcast be added to subscription based satellite services, gaining access to 100 million new listeners.

Our distribution capabilities and years of industry connections provide us with an ability to get a show placed in virtually any radio market. Shows can be targeted locally, regionally or nationally, or kept as a simple distribution format that uses the free streaming capabilities of our online channels. The reach of your show can literally be as large as you desire, and we have the experience to help you see those dreams become a reality.

An additional consideration is that we are but one property that is part of the Point Spread Media family of businesses. We are directly related to the publishers of Point Spread Magazine, the most widely distributed print publication devoted to sports betting in America. The combination of our publishing and broadcast divisions can generate a significant amount of media exposure.

We have prepared a media kit highlighting the advantages of partnering with Point Spread Radio and attached it to this page. We highly encourage you to download and read it, and to contact us if you are a radio or podcast creator with an avid interest in betting on sports. There's a good chance we would be interested in providing additional distribution for your current show, or perhaps collaborating on the creation of a new program that is developed according to a live program schedule.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibility of broadcasting with Point Spread Radio online.

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