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Sports Radio Drives Fan Engagement Sports Radio Drives Fan Engagement Generated By Point Spread Media

Sports Betting Radio Network Launching in Las Vegas

Published May 17, 2019

The Point Spread Radio Platform, distributed online at is nearing official launch of it's network programming. Some website content is already available on the network's website, but a placeholder playlist is being used until the broadcast goes live on August 15.

In a public statement issued by the radio network's parent company, Point Spread Media, the launch is heralded as an initial step into a massive radio distribution platform, and one that is set to experience tremendous growth as legal sports betting spreads across the United States.

It is our goal to become the most widely distributed radio platform dedicated to sports betting in America.” said Jerry Garner, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Point Spread Media.

Point Spread Radio will initially consist of programming supplied by independent producers, along with original programming broadcast live from Point Spread's broadcast headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. All programming is created along the common theme of sports betting, and echoing the company's motto: The Thrill of the Bet. The amount of programming produced by the company is set to accelerate at a rapid pace.

Rod Myers, Co-Founder and Broadcast Media Director for Point Spread Media stated, “For the past several months we have been in pre-production with several key shows that will anchor the network. It  is our design to expand the listening audience's overall fan engagement experience.”

With the official launch date less than a month away, the company has already began making some content available on the website Visitors will be able to get a feel for how the radio network will operate online, and can also sign up for the newsletter to make sure a reminder is not missed when the station goes live. Following the official launch, the company will also deploy a mobile app for simplified streaming on mobile devices.

Point Spread has ambitions to extend their distribution far beyond internet and mobile listeners. Point Spread Radio syndicates select programming to over-the-air radio stations in the top 10 US markets, with plans for national syndication in the near future. The network is also in a prime position to receive a station on subscription based radio services, such as Sirius XM.

The company is actively seeking programming from producers with a flare for the sports betting industry. Those who are interested in submitting a show for consideration are encouraged to contact Point Spread Radio.

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